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Tuesday, 10/17/2006

13 October 17, 2006 at 06:04 PM CDT Hi All:

Today, mom continued to work on walking with a cane and cooked an egg this morning. This afternoon we both got to go to the mall. Shelley, do you remember me saying that I missed having our shopping spree for my birthday? Well today we got to do it. The difference was that instead of mom buying me clothes, I bought her clothes. She now does not have to worry about coming home naked. We both enjoyed the outing and mom told me that the three of us will go out soon for a 'Girl's day out' for our birthdays.

Love to all. Charlynn and Melissa

Monday, 10/16/2006

12 October 16, 2006 at 05:15 PM CDT Hi everyone, Last week the internet situation did not improve, therefore I could not send updates. This week the internet is working but I forgot my laptop cord, so I will send update when the lab computer is available.

Dad was able to come up on Thursday afternoon and Brandi’s family came for the weekend. They all went home today, so I got to have a long weekend with Dennis and Justin. Dad filled in me on the great things they got to do together. The girls were bouncing off the wall and smothering her with kisses and love. Miranda wrote mom a letter that told her how much she was looking forward to seeing her, how much she loved her and how much she missed about 20 times each. They were all able to go out to eat and spend the evening at the house that Madonna rented to dad. It was good for mom to get out of the hospital.

I headed back this morning and met Brandi and family in Rockport for lunch, so I got to enjoy some the girl’s enthusiasm. I then passed dad on 2 Hwy while talking to him on the phone. He told me that mom’s therapy this morning consisted of walking from the gym to the cafeteria, resting for 5 minutes then walking through an obstacle course, then back to the gym. By the way, she did all of this with only the assistance of a cane. But she was not done, she than walked from the gym back to her room without any assistance of a walker, cane, or therapist. Let me remind you that there still is a 20-degree ramp (incline) between the gym and her room. Needless to say, I am very proud of her.

I will send another update as soon as I can.
Oh yeah, mom and I come home for good THIS FRIDAY
October 20, 2006

Debbie – Do you and Curt have any plans on Saturday? Mom is looking for a day of beauty and asked for the best beautician in MO. Gives us call this week and if Saturday does not work than we can work out something.

Love to all and see you this weekend. Charlynn and Melissa

Wednesday, 10/11/2006

11 October 10, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT Hi, I am having problems getting the wireless service this week, so have to use a terminal in the therapy lab. This past weekend mom was able to complete a car transfer, so her, dad and Shelley went for a drive and out to eat on Saturday. The rest of the weekend was quite, as she is still have problems with her stomach and did not feel 100% on Sunday. Yesterday and today, she continued with her therapies working on walking further with a cane and transfers in and out of the shower. In speech, she worked on writing out checks and typing on the computer. Next week she will begin a communitee program which allows her to go out and interact with the Lincoln communitee. The therapists are still aiming for the 27th to discharge her. Please keep the messages coming, hopefully I will have access to their wireless tomorrow so that I can share are your wonderful messages with her. Bye for now, Charlynn and Melissa

10 October 05, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT Hi everyone: This afternoon Carol, PT therapist, asks mom what kind of day she has had. Mom replied, ‘Pretty Good’. Will let me tell you what she considers pretty good. This morning during her PT with Joanne, mom walked with her walker from her room to the gym (about 250 ft. with a 20 degree decline ramp). She sat down once in the gym for 5 minutes, then walked from the gym to a waiting area on the other side of the same ramp, which would now be an incline. Rested for another 5 minutes and walked back down the ramp into the gym. She finished up the morning with OT, working on stretching her right arm and shoulder and in speech with Katie filling in blanks on 8 sentences. This afternoon, Katie bought her some cheese popcorn (she had not graduated to hard food until now), mom was able to give the cashier the money and tell her what change she should receive back. We then went outside and worked on word association while mom ate her popcorn. Since she did not have any trouble swallowing, Katie has given her the OK to eat anything she wants. In OT, Sue took mom to the kitchen and mom baked brownies for dad and Shelley’s visit this weekend. She did this with very little help from Sue and me. Then to finish the day, Carol had mom walk with just Carol and I hold her hands, and then walk with a cane and no assistance from Carol or me. She is a little wobbly with a cane, so Carol told us to continue walking with a walker but she is going to continue working with her using a cane. The goal was to send her home with a walker, but it looks like she may only need a cane when she comes home. So this is what my mother would classify as a “Pretty Good” Day. I on the hand would say that she had an AWESOME, WONDERFUL, AND FANTASTIC day. Love to all, Charlynn and Melissa

09 October 04, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT Mom had another good day. She continues to work on her leg, thigh, and glut muscles to help her walk without assistances. She did about 7 squats this afternoon. Boy will her rump be sore tomorrow. In OT, she worked on writing and car transfer. The car transfer did not go as well as we had hoped, but once those lower muscles get stronger she will be able to get in and out of the car easier. In speech, she continued to work on word finding and describing objects that she sees. It is chiller today and suppose to rain this evening. We went out just for a short time during the car transfer session. Tomorrow is not suppose to be any warmer, but we hope to get to go outside on Friday before I go home for the weekend. We send our love, Charlynn and Melissa

08 October 03, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT Mom continues to build her endurance. She seemed to hold up all day until the last 10 minutes of her last therapy session. In PT, she worked on standing without any assistance from the walker or the therapist. While standing she took 5 sweatshirts off hangers and folded them. Then sat down to rest for a few minutes before standing and hanging them back up. In the afternoon, she stepped side ways and backwards while holding onto the therapist’s elbows. To finish the session she walked holding onto the therapist’s elbows for about 15 ft. OT worked on her right hand and arm. During the morning session, Susan showed me how I can massage the joint where her index finger was. This helps prevent the scar tissue from attaching to the joint, which will prevent restricted movement in her remaining fingers and thumb. In the afternoon, she stretched her right arm to help increase the upward movement. ST worked on writing with her right hand in the morning, and in the afternoon played a game where she would describe the item on a card for Katie to identify. Last week Katie had said that mom would be working on a computer this week, but I think she has decided to work with her writing on paper first. Today the temperature was in the 90’s again, so we did not go outside. We may venture out later this evening if it cools down some. She is a busy lady during the day, so not able to do much except for therapy until 4:00 and by then she is warn out. Keep sending your thoughts and prayers our way. Charlynn and Melissa

07 October 02, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT Good Afternoon: Mom and dad had a great weekend together. On Friday, mom worked on getting in and out of bed and showering by herself. She had a full day of therapy with her physical and occupational therapists, so when she started working with the speech therapist she had some trouble finding her words. They are working on changing her schedule around so that she works with the speech therapist earlier in the day. On Saturday, she attended the aphasia group and talked about all the vacations her and dad have taken in the Caribbean. She was able to name all the islands they have visited. During physical therapy, she was able to stand up and sit down 10 times without any assistance. Dad said the therapist was very impressed. Dad took her outside to look at the flower garden and the duplex that we have been staying at. They were out for an hour, which is quite something since she has not been comfortable going outside since we have been in Lincoln. That evening they played cards and watch Nebraska beat KU. Sunday she only had the aphasia group, where she talked about living in Louisiana and on Cross Lake with the alligators. Aunt Rosie and Chris Yeoman (childhood friend) came to visit. They took another walk today and walked all the way around the complex. The Chiefs were not broadcasted in Lincoln, so she had to wait until I came back to let her know they finally won one. Today, she had a visit from Susan, her occupational therapist bright and early this morning. Susan wanted to see if she could wash and dress herself – she did. She continues to work on building her leg muscles by working on getting in and out of bed and sitting and standing. In speech, they continue to work with her on problem solving and writing her name with her right hand. (Sorry Brandi looks like you are still the only odd ball left hander in our immediate family.) All in all these last couple of days have been good and she continues to get stronger mentally and physically. Talk to tomorrow, Charlynn and Melissa

06 September 29, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT Sorry for not posting an update last night. Mom had a great day until 3:30 then she vomited for the next 3 hours, so I was a little busy all night. She is feeling better this morning and the doctor is going to run some test today to see if they can find out why she keeps getting sick to her stomach. As for her therapy, she met her new therapist for physical and speech. Carol, her physical therapist, ran her through an evaluation to see where mom was at. For being in bed the past 6 weeks she is more flexible and stronger than Carol thought she would be. I told her the flexibility was from the family bending & moving her legs, feet, and arms every time we went into ICU to see her. She able to walk with her walker with little assistance, but is still having trouble getting to the standing position. Her rump muscles are not as strong as the rest of her leg, thigh and hip muscles. Carol has shown her some exercises that she can do though out the day in bed or sitting in her chair to help strength these muscles. Katie, Speech Therapist, continued to work with mom on reading and comprehension. She asked mom what her goals are and mom replied to be normal again and live like she did before this happened. Katie asked her what she did before she got sick and mom replied, “Everything”, so Katie said “We will start getting you on the computer next week and see how you do.” Her Occupational Therapist she met for the first time today. Dad is with her and mom now so will update you on how things go Sunday night or Monday. Dad is in charge of taking notes of her activities for today and tomorrow since I will be in Blue Springs visiting Dennis and Justin. Love, Charlynn and Melissa

05 September 27, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT We have moved to the first floor. We are in room 109. Mom is feeling better today, think her stomache problems was due to a protein liquid that she was getting yesterday. I asked them not to give it to her today and she has been fine. She continues to amaze me with her progress, as today she walked 150 ft. and sat down in a regular chair then stood back up with little help. Her morning speech group therapist is going to move her to another group that works on more problem solving, and her right side continues to get stronger everyday. Mom will be assigned new therapists since downstairs now and we have been told several times today that her old therapists were disappointed that they moved her downstairs since they won't be working with her anymore. She won them over with that Luppens charm. Also wanted to mentioned how much we enjoy reading all the messages that have been sent. I go onto the page a couple of time a day. Keep sending them. Love, Charlynn and Melissa

04 September 26, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT Today mom had an upset stomache and was not able to do much therapy. They are giving her medicine to help settle her tummy. We did get a visit from a person downstairs and he has approved for her to move down tomorrow. So we will have therapy with the same people tomorrow while they move her belongings, then on Thursday the team downstairs will do their evaluations. Friday she should be starting a new schedule for therapy. Since she already does 3 hours a day, there will be little change in time limits, but the therapists will design her routine for a stroke patient. Will let everyone know her new room number as soon as we know. Love, Charlynn and Melissa

03 September 25, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT Even though mom did not have therapy over the weekend she was busy visiting with friends and family. Today they removed her catheter, so we are down to one tube left. She is on a level 3 for her menu, which is anything but hard food like popcorn and chips, and she no longer meets with a therapist to eat. We will have breakfast and dinner in her room and go to the cafeteria for lunch. We are very close to getting the feeding tube out and she will then be tube free. She continues to get stronger,as today she walked over 60 ft with her walker and can now sit up on the side of the bed with little assistance. Mom's case worker came in today and told us that she could be moving down stairs as early as next week. This is where they work just with stroke patients, so her therapy will be designed to develop her skills to go home. Hey, Pottbergs and Crandalls, Mom played a couple of hands of pitch today (While standing) and won. So you better tune up on your game. Love ya'll and keep sending your prayers our way. She is thriving off of them. Melissa

02 September 22, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT Today was a good day. Mom walked about 40 feet today with a walker and a small amount of support from Wade, her physical therapist and she was able to take 400 steps on a cycle machine. She also has been stepped up to level 3 for food, so she will be able to eat normal food this weekend. (If you call hospital food normal.) The speech therapist had her reading short articles and she past the test with flying colors. She continuous to amaze me in her accomplishments. We have a day off tomorrow and a small amount on Sunday, so will not send an update until Monday.

01 September 22, 2006 at 12:00 AM CDT The respitory therapist removed mom's trac this morning. She ate a 1/2 cup of Honey Nut Cherios and some of her honey bun. Dad came up around 2:00 this morning, so both of them are resting right now. We start are therapy at 10:30 and will be busy until 3:30. I will try to update the page later today with today's activities.

Monday, 09/25/2006

Mary, The number to my mom's room is 1-402-486-8209. Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. My mom never ceases to amaze me. She is very strong-willed and very much a fighter. Thanks to you and Uncle Buddy for all of your love and support through all of this. My family appreciates it more than you'll ever know. Thanks again, Brandi
Monday, 09/25/2006

I called the 800 number and they gave me the phone number for Charlynn's Room Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital 5401 South St., Lincoln, NE 68506 - (402) 489-7102 - TOLL FREE (800) 676-5448 Charlynn Dee's Room (402) 486-8209
Thursday, 09/21/2006

Uncle Buddy, Aunt Rosie, Shelley and Brandi: I have access to the internet now and will work on mom's web page tonight and tomorrow. Mom is doing great. She is talking better every day and can move her right arm and hand more each day. Yesterday she took 3 steps with the assistance of a walker and ate real food for lunch today. She is able to drink normal liquids like water and milk now. We hope to have the trac removed tomorrow while dad is here. Her blood cell counts and platelets are down, but dad talked to Dr. Mundis today and he told him that this was still due to the chemo and that she is still cancer free. She is a little down today because of this, so if any of you would like to call tonight we will be in the room until 6:00 for dinner, back at 6:30 for the night. I don't have the number, but Brandi does as well as Dennis. I will send you a notice when I have the web page up and running. Love you all, Missy

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